Why Preschool is Important and How it Helps Your Child

Every parent knows the importance of what a good education means for their children. How they thrive in a classroom setting can set the tone for how they thrive in a successful career as an adult. You encourage and push your children to get good grades, so that they may be able to further their education by attending, and graduating from, an exceptional college.

Even though the end game is to help your kids become successful adults, often parents overlook the importance of the beginning of an education. Starting your child in a preschool program is the first step to years of happy and intelligent learning.

Here are 5 reasons why having your child attend preschool may help them throughout their entire lives:

1- Opportunity for Growth and Preparing Children for Kindergarten

Most likely this will be the first time your child is in a structured setting with groups of other children and teachers. This is where they will learn to share and follow instructions, which will be the foundation for learning in elementary school.

Exposing your child at a young age to letters, numbers, and shapes helps them feel comfortable and more accustomed to learning before entering the more academic class setting of kindergarten.

Although some parents feel that preschools tend to focus too much on the pre-math and pre-literacy skills, which will take away from play time and push a child to grow up too fast, our curriculum focuses on developing the entire child rather than just the areas that other schools deem necessary. Helping students find areas in which they excel naturally is a great way to boost their self-esteem and knowledge of themselves. Having that confidence when they move into the kindergarten classroom will give them a better personal space for learning.

2- Social and Emotional Development

In order for a child to build trusting relationships with adults outside the family they need to spend time away from parents. Our program encourages the nurturing of warm relationships among children, teachers, and parents.

Young children will develop social skills and emotional self-control in “real time.” A great teacher knows that 3 – 4 year olds will learn from their experiences or “teachable moments” and take the time to help them learn and understand, such as how to manage anger or frustration and how to help them understand the impact their aggressive or hurtful behavior may have on another child.

3- Making Friends and Playing Well With Others

Although the preschool environment may seem chaotic it is actually quite structured. Having an organized classroom space encourages social interaction. “Structured” environment doesn’t mean that adults are constantly directing activities, on the contrary, children are encouraged to find each other and play on their own, which teaches them how to have positive interactions with the other children.

4- Children get to Make Choices

Some children know what they want and when they want it. They have no problem entering a group or activity that interest them, but others may not have the skills to enter other children’s play space. We encourage and teach them ways to feel comfortable knowing what they want and suggestions on the best way to join in on the fun.

5- Children Learn to Take Care of Themselves and Others

Learning to take care of themselves and help others gives young children a sense of competence and self-worth. They are encouraged to view themselves as a resource for their peers. A teacher may ask a “veteran” preschooler to help a newcomer learn where certain toys or coloring books are kept.

These are only a handful of the amazing things your child will learn in a preschool environment. Whether you are looking for the best Hoboken preschool or the best Jersey City preschool, our program focuses on each individual child. Preschoolers are not accustomed to sitting still and listening to lectures, which is why we don’t teach that way. Through the world of hands-on teaching, exploration, and movement we maintain flexibility for the children and encourage them to independently explore their specific areas of interest.

Take a look at our events calendar as summer camp prep week, and end of year parent/teacher conferences are just around the corner. Contact us today for more information on admission dates and prices. Start your preschooler today on a path that leads to successful lives through proper education.

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