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Our Team of Preschool Teachers

At Smart Start Academy, we take great pride in our educators. They are the heart of the classroom. We make sure that we only hire the most professional and experienced people to work with our students who have all the right qualifications, pass a background check and health screening. In addition, our carefully selected teachers have adequate education, a sincere passion for teaching, and have a strong ability to interact with the ages of their students.

All of our lead teachers must meet or exceed the qualifications set forth by the DCF, in addition to completing extensive training and orientation classes at Smart Start Academy so they understand the curriculum, expectations, and practices of the school. We have high expectations and standards for our teachers that reflect our mission.

Smart Start Academy

At Smart Start Academy

We strive to train and develop the “whole” teacher. Through training, professional development conferences, and mentoring, our teachers are given the tools to successfully teach our students in a positive and nurturing manner.

In each of our Jersey City and other New Jersey preschool programs, educators are given a lot of freedom within their classrooms to teach the material how they see fit. We strongly believe in and ascribe to Howard Gardener’s concept of multiple intelligences, and our educators are encouraged to adapt their lessons accordingly to allow each student to learn in their own way. When students can learn with their unique learning style, teaching and learning become a fun experience.

Benefiting Our Teachers Is a Benefit to Our Students

When our teachers feel like they receive the help that they need, they become better at their jobs, and your child succeeds. The opportunities at Smart Start Academy help to make sure that our teachers are given the tools to successfully teach our students in a positive and nurturing manner.

In each of our pre-kindergarten programs, the lead teacher directs all the other teachers in the curriculum and school practices. To do this effectively, trainings are given to help them understand the individual needs of each program. After all, children who are preparing for kindergarten are going to require a very different kind of care than those enrolled in our infant care program. Teachers who help in our daycare after-school program must have a certain level of understanding in every subject in order to help students with their homework.

Smart Start Academy

Cooperative Care

Communication and collaboration are vital to success at Smart Start Academy. Teachers are encouraged to ask for help if they need it. With teachers and administrators being on the same page, better decisions will be made that result in high-quality education.

Together, our highly qualified teachers and administrators create a positive, safe and comfortable learning environment for our students and families in our Hoboken and Jersey City preschools.