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Our Preschool Mission and Philosophy

“Our mission is to create a nurturing, safe and respectful environment for our students, parents, and teachers. We strive to create an exceptional learning experience for the whole child, cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively.”

Smart Start Academy is dedicated to bringing the best environment for learning and creativity to each student. Our full-day programs have a curriculum that works to meet every learning style in a way that nurtures every aspect of a child — the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. Since each child is unique and has their own needs and style of learning.

Smart Start Academy

Our Curriculum

One philosophy we strongly believe in is Howard Gardner’s notion for multiple intelligences. This theory states that there are a lot of different ways to have intelligence. Most programs base intelligence on the ability to learn in a spatial (visual) or logical manner, but not everyone is only intelligent in that area. Some people, especially children, are more intelligent in bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or many other areas.

Incorporating this view into our curriculum means that we focus on a lot of different subjects and activities. It is very important to us to let children participate in activities that will build their self-confidence. The best way to do this is to help the child feel good at something through different ways of expressing themselves.

All of our lessons are tailored to fit the different developmental needs and ages of the children in our programs since the children we work with range from infants to preschoolers. Our experienced teachers use this as a foundation to bring a variety of structured and free-play activities to the students. It is important to us that children have a lot of opportunities to learn in different ways.

Creating a Nurturing, Safe, and Respectful Environment

All of our staff is focused on helping each child to reach their full potential. They help nurture the children so that they feel loved and valued. Each student matters to us and we want their education to start in the best way possible — with people who care about them. It is also important to us that the environment is not only nurturing but also safe and respectful. Without these elements present, learning and teaching are both a lot more difficult.

The highest levels of learning are only reached when a child feels safe and calm. We make sure that we only hire the most professional and experienced people to work with our students who have all the right qualifications and pass a background check. We work hard to make sure the students are all able to feel safe and comfortable in and around our location.

Smart Start Academy

Making Education an Investment

It is also important to us that parents know that we are team players. To limit the variability that children sometimes experience at school and at home, parents and teachers work together to create the most ideal situation for every student. When all the adults cooperate, it makes the learning process much more effective. Parents and teachers not only work together but respect one another and their opinions. We encourage communication between all parties involved to help keep everyone informed and invested in the student’s education.

At SSA, we know that all work and no play make learning harder, especially for young children. Our emergent teaching includes providing meaningful experiences for students through many opportunities, including through play and exploration. These experiences contribute a lot to our learning environment by using different methods to give variety and ultimately help each student to reach his/her highest potential.