Toddler Program

Toddler Preschool Program
(18 months–24 months)

At Smart Start Academy, we encourage a toddler’s natural curiosity. Teachers bring a well-rounded approach to the curriculum so that students can receive an education that helps them develop their minds. There are a lot of different approaches to a child’s education, but our theory is that we are here to help each toddler learn in their most natural environment. This means that we incorporate the learning into fun, engaging ways that often look and feel like play.

Smart Start Academy

Monthly Themes

Every month, our toddler school focuses on a theme. Each one is picked to help focus on a different need of children in this age range-enhancing self-expression, peer interaction, or sensory awareness. These themes help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

One of the most difficult frustrations for toddlers, and often the root cause for tantrums, is that they have a hard time figuring out what they are feeling, what they need, and how to express all of it. Many toddlers don’t even have the language skills required to express their feelings. Our monthly themes work to teach these to our students by incorporating them into lessons and play for the entire month. This way, there is ample time to teach the students each aspect.

Monthly themes are very important to our toddler curriculum. Focusing on these different areas helps to lower frustration levels for the child, increase independence, and make communication between parents and their child a better experience. It can also help increase the level of understanding for the student in other areas of learning by meeting their base needs.

Our Curriculum

Toddlers learn best through discovery and experiencing things themselves. Most toddlers have a hard time sitting still for long amounts of time or paying attention in large groups. They like to play and learn in ways that are different from any other age. The material is very basic and often involves learning about the world around them.

Teachers design their lesson plans to meet these requirements.

Students of all ages are more likely to remember and process information when they are meaningful to them on an individual level. For this reason, our teachers work to ensure that each child is engaged in the learning process when they are best ready for it. This is done through child-initiated and teacher-directed lessons. This way, the student is actually involved and in charge of their own learning experience, making it meaningful to them.

Smart Start Academy

Our Goals

The most important goal we have in our school for toddlers is to help each student experience meaningful and lifelong learning experiences. Rather than making our students conform to one way of learning or only learning in the classroom, we work hard to promote active thinking and exploring how things work. Our highly trained teachers facilitate purposeful play and intentional teaching practices.

We work to ensure that each student who leaves our daycare for toddlers has a great foundation for learning that will last their entire life. When a child starts off on the right foot, it can help them enter into the later educational programs with more excitement and understanding. These two factors have a lot of influence on how successful a student is in the learning process now and in the future.

We know that parents expect more from daycare than just simply taking care of their child’s basic needs. We want to instill a love of learning, improving life skills, and a desire to be self-aware in each of our students. Our toddler program works to make life easier for the student and their parents. We work hard to ensure we are giving the best quality of experiences to your toddler so that you know they are getting everything that they need during their formative years.