Admissions Procedures

Smart Start Academy Early Learning Centers is one of the top preschools in Jersey City and in Hoboken, and because of this we get many enrollment inquiries. Regardless of the high number of students who enroll in our program, we have basic admissions procedures and requirements parents and guardians must supply in order for their son or daughter to begin our preschool program.

To enroll your child into one of our Smart Start Academy Early Learning Centers, we ask parents to complete and return an application along with a non-refundable $300.00 registration fee and a $1,250 non-transferable/Refundable security placement fee. Both fees will need to be paid in full before a student can enroll and have a reserved spot in our program. Additionally, we require a copy of the child’s birth certificate, most recent physical and immunization records and two completed health forms, both of which can be accessed and downloaded below.