The ABC’s of Preschool

Parents feel the pull of heartstrings as they watch their children grow and one of the major milestones is the moment they are old enough to attend preschool. This is the first step to guiding them down the path of education until the day they pack their suitcase and head off to college. But, often parents drop their little ones off at preschool without knowing what it is that they will be doing all day. Blind faith can sometimes equal days of television and unhealthy snacks.

At Smart Start Academy, we want you to understand what your child will be doing, learning, and growing from each and every day within our classrooms. From the first wondrous moments of emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development to the day they graduate and walk out our doors a little bit taller, with a happy and bright mind, and with each of their unique talents nurtured and encouraged.

We know that all parents want their child to have a strong start in life, and preschool provides the foundation for a successful future in education. At Smart Start Academy we will help them develop excellent learning habits, problem solving skills, and build positive self-worth and self-esteem. Our caring and incredibly intelligent staff will teach your child the skills they need to successfully navigate the world throughout their lifetime.

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