Pre-School Program

S.S.A Preschool Program (2–3 years)

Our preschool program is filled with opportunities for our children to expand their horizons, seek out information, explore new adventures and interrupt the world around them. Our preschool learning environment is set up in content learning centers. These centers focus on content knowledge such as math, science, technology, emergent reading and writing, social and language skills.

Our purposeful classroom design allows for teacher-directed activities while maintaining flexibility for the children to independently explore areas of interest. Our unique environment promotes intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development for the “whole” child, while also promoting self-confident, successful lifelong learners.

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Smart Start Academy

At Smart Start Academy

We know that preschool matters. Even at a young age, getting exposure to letters, numbers, shapes helps to get them accustomed to learning them before entering a school building. There are other forms of learning that happen while in school too, like listening to a teacher figure and expanding their ability to pay attention for a certain amount of time. Not everything that is beneficial about preschool programs has to do with academics.