Hoboken Schedule & Fees

“A Smart Start for your child’s future”

Here you’ll find tuition and fee information as well as information about additional, available services at Smart Start Academy’s Hoboken campus, located at 552 9th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

At this location, as well as our other locations, the academic year runs from September through June. We require parents to pay for each full month throughout the entire academic school year including holidays, student start dates, inclement weather, and student absences.  In addition to tuition, all parents must pay a non-refundable, non-transferable security placement fee to secure their child’s spot in our program. This fee will be applied toward your child’s tuition in June, the last month of the academic school year.

At Smart Start Academy’s Hoboken  location, additional programs including extended nursery hours for infants as young as 6 weeks old, full and half-day preschool options, after school programs for children 19 months and older, sitters, emergency services, and social enrichment programs for students of all ages are available for families to use at additional costs.

The toddler – preschool programs at our Hoboken location are available for children 19 months and older and parents have the option to enroll their child in either a 2-,3- or 5-day a week schedule. Parents who elect our 5-day a week option can choose between half-and full-day class.

Smart Infants- (6 weeks-18 mo)

ScheduleTime2 Days (T,TH)3 Days (M,W,F)5 Days (M-F)
Nursery + Extended
7:00AM- 7:00PM$1399.99$1799.99$2199.99
Nursery hours7:00 AM-2:30 PMN/AN/AN/A
Half day 7:00 AM-12:30 PMN/AN/AN/A

Smart Starters- (19 mo- 35 mo)

ScheduleTime2 Days (T,TH)3 Days (M,W,F)5 Days (M-F)
Preschool + Extended7:00AM- 7:00PM$1299.99$1649.99$1999.99
Preschool7:00AM- 2:30 PM$1099.99$1399.99$1749.99
Half Day7:00AM- 12:30PMN/AN/A$1699.99
Social Enrichment Program2:30PM- 7:00 PM$599.99 per mo $799.99 per mo$999.99 per mo.

Smart Learners  (36 mo – up)

ScheduleTime2 Days (T,TH)3 Days (M,W,F)5 Days (M-F)
Preschool + Extended7:00AM-7:00PM$1249.99$1599.99$1899.99
Preschool7:00AM- 2:30PM$1049.99$1349.99$1599.99
Half Day7:00AM- 12:30 PMN/AN/A$1549.99
Social Enrichment Program2:30PM- 7:00 PM$499.99 per mo $699.99 per mo$899.99 per mo.

Additional S.S.A Programs

ServicesTime6 weeks- 18mo19mo- 35mo36mo & up
Emergency CareMinimum 3 Hrs $25.00 per hr $25.00 per hr$20.00 per hr
After School W/O PICK UP3:30pm- 7:00pmN/AN/A$799.99
per mo.

After School w S.S.A pick up2:30pm- 7:00pmN/A$999.99
per mo
per mo.
Smart Sitters
Weekdays (M-TH)
Min of 4 hrs
$19 per hr
(per child)
$19 per hr
(per child)
$19 per hr
(per child)
Smart Sitters
Weekend & Holidays
Min of 4 hrs$23 per hr
(per child)
$23 per hr
(per child)
$23 per hr
(per child)

 *Back-up care participates must call at least 2 hours ahead to confirm availability.

Tuition fees are subject to change

Additional Fees:

Non- refundable Annual Application Fee:  $150.00 (Cash/ Certified Check) (due every July)
Security Placement Fee: $1000.00
Yearly School Supplies & Materials: varies depending on student’s attendance schedule
Late Pick up Fees: $1 per minute

Smart Start Academy’s Tuition Policy

Smart Start Academy requires a full academic school year (Sept-June) commitment from all of our families. If commitment is not met, security placement fee, tuition, and yearly school supplies fees are forfeited. The security placement fee is not refundable, non-transferable and will only be applied to the last month of the academic school year (June).

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