Pre-Kindergarten Program

pre-kindergarten program-HeaderPre-Kindergarten Program (4-5 years)

Our pre-kindergarten program is designed to enhance each student’s content knowledge. With an emphasis on math skills, cognitive skills, discovery through science, creative art, social awareness and health and wellness, classrooms are designed to promote intellectual, emotional, social and physical development for each child. Our child-initiated, teacher-directed educational activities ensure that each child will gain the knowledge to become successful kindergartners and beyond.

Pre-K Program Focus Areas

Math Concepts: Our math program focuses on concepts such as measuring, predicting, patterns, spatial relationships, sorting and problem solving.

Science Concepts: Students are encouraged to recognize and investigate cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences.

Creative Art: Through our creative art program, our students develop an appreciation for dance, art, music, dramatic play, storytelling and visual arts.

Health & Wellness: Our health and wellness program highlights the importance of healthy nutrition and daily physical activity while also teaching our students safety and injury prevention skills. Through a series of fun, heart accelerating activities, our students learn the benefits of staying active in order to promote healthy lifelong behaviors.

Social Emotional: Students show care and concern for others. Develop healthy relationships with teachers and peers and learn how to express their feelings, needs and wants in a healthy and respectful manner.

Physical Skills/ Gross/Fine Motor: Students build on eye-hand coordination to use everyday tools. Through this process, students learn how to manipulate a variety of tools including eating utensils, pencils, scissors, blocks, etc. Students also develop motor coordination and skill using objects for a range of physical activities.

Language and Foreign Languages: Through conversation, storytelling, and technology, students develop an understanding of spoken language and world languages. Students are exposed to all forms of communication including English, sign language and world languages in order to enhance comprehension and communication skills.

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