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At Smart Start Academy, our goal is to foster a nurturing, safe, fun, and active environment for our students to learn and express themselves socially, creatively, emotionally, and intelligently. Our teaching methods include a wide range of activities and opportunities, including learning through play and exploration. Of course, every child is different, so our experienced teachers work closely with the children and use different methods to provide a variety of lessons and help each student reach their highest potential.

Smart Start Programs

We offer a number of programs at our Jersey City and Hoboken preschools, and each one is tailored to meet the varying needs of different age groups. You can enroll your child in our infant program, toddler program, preschool or pre-kindergarten program. We also offer daycare after school programs and backup care so we can provide even more ways for your children to participate in activities that build self-confidence and help them feel good about expressing themselves.

Qualified, Caring Educators

Our teachers are critical to the Smart Start Academy experience. We only hire the most professional and experienced people to work with your children. They have all met the necessary qualifications and passed a background check and health screening. Each one is ready to help your children reach their potential.

Enroll Today

Whether you’re looking at our Hoboken or Jersey City preschool, there are several scheduling and tuition options available. Get a Smart Start on your child’s future by enrolling in one of our programs today.

Toddler Curriculum

Teaching to Address Different Developmental Needs

Toddler Curriculum

Everyone – especially children – learns in different ways. It’s not all about putting something in front of them and expecting them to simply remember it and repeat it later. Our philosophy has always been that there are different ways to have intelligence, and not everyone is intelligent in the same area, so we’ve always […]

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Preschool Curriculum

Three Things Every Daycare Curriculum Needs

Preschool Curriculum

Many parents look for a Jersey City daycare that offers more than just simple babysitting services. Since many children are at a preschool age, many daycares will offer a curriculum as an in-house preschool. There are some things that make curriculums more effective than others to help your child learn and get ready for kindergarten. […]

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Finding the Best Education for your Children


As a parent of two children, a question bearing down on my mind is that of the best education.  I remember participating in pre-school kindergarten at a very young age and enjoying myself, but the world is a different place now than it was then. Competition is tough, its everywhere, and starting earlier and earlier. […]

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Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Whether your little one cries or clings or both, learn how to identify signs of separation anxiety and to soothe it. By Mali Anderson For some toddlers, goodbyes are full of tears, screams, and outbursts. Young children form tight relationships with their parents, so it’s natural that as a child grows, she’ll be hesitant to […]

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Welcome To Smart Start Academy!

At S.S.A., we have developed a balanced program, which features a full day of developmentally, age-appropriate lessons and activities that your child will enjoy. Whether your child is an infant, toddler or preschooler, our experienced teachers will provide lessons and activities that help develop the whole child – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Understanding that […]

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